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Mobile Shredding Tips & Benefits for Florida Businesses

It’s Time to Gain Peace of Mind with Your Documents

When the time comes to clean out old files, you have choices on how to proceed. One commonly utilized but inefficient option is to have an employee take time away from their other duties to sort through and hand shred the documents or put them through the office shredder. Another option is to hire a company capable of making light work of your mounds of paper. Mobile shredding companies offer a valuable service. They come to your location and shred your items on the spot. You get a certificate of destruction and can get on with your day. What could be better than gaining peace of mind?

Why Hiring a Mobile Shredding Service Makes Sense

When you need help destroying important papers that are no longer required, look to the benefits of hiring this project out to a mobile shredding company. The advantages include:

  • Maximize your day’s productivity: You have plenty to do during your day. Your team has its respective duties. No one wants to spend time sitting over a tiny shredder feeding a few sheets in at a time. A mobile shredding service comes to your location, removes documents from locked containers, and destroys them in their mobile industrial shredder. You only have to drop your documents into the shred box until the next shredding appointment. Compare thirty seconds to hours, and you quickly realize how much more productive you can be.
  • Save money: It would be best if you had the right equipment to destroy papers, x-rays, hard drives, and more. This can be a costly endeavor. After purchasing equipment, you must also have the space and time to shred everything. Paying a professional to come to your site and destroy your documents costs much less than doing it in-house.
  • Stay in compliance: Businesses must comply with the safety and security regulations set by their industry’s governing organizations. Much of this revolves around protecting clients’ and customers’ personal information. These sensitive documents need special attention that a certified shredder knows how to handle.
  • Eco-friendly: Businesses use a lot of paper that doesn’t need to wind up in landfills. Professional shredders recycle all the paper they shred and ensure other items they destroy, such as hard drives, are ecologically disposed of.
  • More than paper document destruction: You have more than just paper in your office that needs proper destruction. There are computers, company cell phones, and x-rays. You get more for your money when you use a shredding company to help you manage your item destruction needs.

At-Your-Door Shredding Services by Crown Information Management

Crown Information Management has the required experience to ensure your documents are properly shredded and recycled. We shred paper as well as destroy electronics and help you establish a records management system in our warehouse. Depend on us for all your records management and destruction needs all year. 

We put our team to work for you for complete shredding and records management services. Call Crown Information Management at 800-979-9545 or contact us online to schedule a pick-up or learn more about the process.