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Box Etiquette

Reducing Risk For The Life Cycle of Your Information

We are looking forward to our new partnership! Crown Information Management is delighted to have you as a part of our records management program! The following information will assist you in preparing your records for transportation to our facility. If you have any question, please contact your Account Executive for assistance. 

Before we schedule your pick-up, we would like to review proper box sizes and acceptable box conditions. Please note that any boxes arriving that do not fit the criteria below will be subject to a re-boxing fee. 

All material must be packaged in one of the following size boxes: 

  • Standard letter/legal 1.2 cubic foot records storage box (10”x 12″x 15″)
  • Standard letter 2.4 cubic foot records storage box (10″x 12″x 24″)
  • X-Ray Storage Boxes (5.5″x 20″x 15.5″) 

ANY other type of box MUST be repackaged into one of the previous listed size boxes. 

All boxes must be in good condition. Unacceptable boxes include: 

  • Boxes with ripped handles. 
  • Boxes that are crushed in any area. 
  • Boxes with sides or bottoms that fail to hold material securely. 
  • Boxes which are overstuffed, and the lids do not fit properly. 
  • Xerox paper boxes. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Crown Records Management stocks and sells all the above boxes for your convenience. If you have any questions, please call our office at 800 979 9545.  Thank you for helping us keep the focus on managing your records!