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Document Destruction

Reducing Risk For The Life Cycle of Your Information

Document Destruction is a requirement for all businesses, no matter the industry. Every company wants to protect their own proprietary information and is required by law to protect their customer’s information. Crown Information Management is Florida’s Premier choice for destruction. Our customer service is second to none. Our team will walk you through your choices of service and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Crown Information Management Offers two types of Document Destruction. Whichever type you choose, rest assured that you will have an auditable chain of custody and receive a certificate of destruction. Crown Information Management is “AAA” NAID certified, PCI self-certified, and maintains a SOC1 audit report. 

One Time Purge Service – This service is ideal when you have large volumes of documents that have met retention and need destroyed or if you are closing out an office or emptying a storage unit. Anytime you want to get rid of documents but only need it done once or infrequently. 

Routine Scheduled Service – This service is perfect for organizations that create a lot of documents on a regular basis.

Available Containers

The Executive Console

The executive consoles (35” h x 19” w x 16” d 88.9 cm. h x 48.3 cm. w x 40.6 cm. d) will hold about 100 pounds of material. The consoles are equipped with a piano hinged, tamper evident, keyed, lockable door. Inside is placed a nylon, double stitched, console bag with metal grommets and heavy duty nylon cording for quick closure. Secure Shred/Shredding Cart or Container.

The 65 Gallon Shred Cart

This cart will hold up to 200 pounds of paper. Reinforced lid with molded paper slot deflector helps to maintain an organized collection of documents without having to open the lid. Reinforced plastic around molded paper slot opening prevents hands from reaching in while adding strength to the lid. The deflector also prevents the wandering eye from peeking into the container slot. The external hasp locking system comes installed with a padlock. Large Shred/Shredding Cart or Container.

How it Works 

One of our team members will meet with you to determine your needs. Together, we agree upon frequency rate and number of containers, their size and location on your premises. This is based on the volume of paper your organization generates and the number of employees using the service. We then provide you with a written proposal for your review. Pick up dates are verified, and the delivery of your containers is scheduled. 

Day of Service – Our secure, mobile shredding truck arrives at your site. Our security screened technicians notify your staff that they are on the premises and remove your documents from their secure, locked consoles. The container is then wheeled to the mobile shredding truck, where the shredding is destroyed. Your shredded paper is then mixed with up to 10,000 pounds of other shredded paper to complete the process. 

If you like, you can verify the destruction of your documents by viewing it on the trucks video screen. Your shredded paper is then mixed with other shredding to complete the process. A Certificate of Destruction is then issued. 

Paper Shredding – The finely shredded paper material that remains is recycled into a number of different paper products. Our document destruction compliance standards make sure that your documents are permanently destroyed with a complete chain of custody.