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Consider a Product Destruction Service for your Business or Organization in Fort Myers

Any products or merchandise that carry your company’s branding, copyrights, or trademarks need proper handling throughout their lifecycle. This includes company stationery, uniforms, ID cards, old marketing materials, packaging and labels, product samples, and more. When such products are old, defective, obsolete, excess, or unusable, there is a good chance that you may discard them improperly and they end up in landfills, which can pose serious threats to the security of your business.  

What Happens to My Documents after Paper Shredding?

Have you ever wondered how a cowboy hat is made? When you look at a piano, do you consider how it’s built to produce a gorgeous tone when you strike the keys? If you are super curious, you may have found yourself binge watching episodes of How It’s Made on a weekend afternoon. Here is another question for inquiring minds, if your CEO asks you what happens to the confidential documents that are shredded weekly, would you know the answer?  (more…)

Paper Shredding in Orlando, FL—”NAID Certified” is Important!

Keeping your clients’ and customers’ data secure is paramount in today’s age of cyber thugs. Ransomware and malware attacks are on the rise. There is another area you must keep safeguarded. It includes all the documents you must hold onto for potential audits, employee records, or other sensitive bits of information. You may put many software security systems into place but leave hard copy documents at risk. Criminals are savvier by the day, whether online or on your premises. Timely and

Vital Records Stored in Unsecured Locations is a Recipe for Disaster

Information is the lifeblood of any business and requires the same level of protection as other precious assets. Whether your business records are in digital or physical format, they require: Systematic Classification: Distinguishing between records by classifying them as ‘vital’, ‘important’ and ‘useful’ Proper Handling: Designing and implementing appropriate document management practicesSecure Storage: Investing in robust technology frameworks, advanced information securit

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