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Don’t Forget to Destroy Your Damaged Hard Drives

Today’s technology allows people and businesses to accomplish much. Professional meetings can be held online. Doctors can speak with patients through video. Banking transactions happen online, too. With all the ways technology aids us, some people take full advantage of situations to ensure they make an easy payday. Cybercriminals will seek out data wherever they can find it, including rummaging through dumpsters. So, think twice before throwing out your old computers with intact hard drives! Instead, look to the services of a professional hard drive destruction company for your Florida business. They provide peace of mind and help you stay in compliance with your client’s data.

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Hurricane Ian Should Remind All Businesses to Have A Records Retention Plan In Place

Don’t Let Mother Nature Catch You Off Guard

Every year, Florida heads into the hurricane season with anticipation of the number and intensity of storms to hit. September 28, 2022 will be known for the destruction Hurricane Ian brought to the Sunshine State. It will take months and billions of dollars to recover from this catastrophic event. Veteran Floridians understand the importance of having a generator and fuel ready. They know how to pack a vehicle when evacuation is necessary. Businesses also have plans to ensure their products, equipment, and records are as safe as possible. Yet, sometimes people become a little indifferent to what Mother Nature can bring. They may not take the suitable precautions to establish a records retention plan, placing them at colossal business risk.

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Cyber Security Awareness Month – Stay Safe Online

Helpful Steps to Thwart Cyber Criminals 

October is not only the unofficial start of the holiday season with Halloween. It is also a month set aside as Cyber Security Awareness Month. Cybercrime continues to increase yearly, leaving many feeling helpless in securing their company or personal online presence. It only takes one innocent-looking email to let a cybercriminal into your database to wreak havoc. Take back control and make it harder for thieves to steal your business information through some simple steps. Don’t forget to establish a plan for adequately destroying your paper records and computer hard drives through a reputable shredding company. The only tricks being played this year should be on those trying to steal your enterprise’s information! 

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Protect Your Company by Disposing of Old Cell Phones Properly

Professional Destruction Services Keep You Safer

You may think paper shredding and hard drive destruction are the only things you should consider when getting rid of data. You may have some additional items you need destroyed. What about your company’s cell phones? Many companies provide smartphones to their teams to help them stay in contact, receive an email, and even have a video call. Cell phones house a plethora of information that can be used against your company if you don’t properly dispose of them through dedicated media destruction services

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12 Odd Items You Should Shred to Protect Your Identity

Leave Nothing to Chance!

Some people are in love with puzzles. They will spend hours finding a four-letter word starting with the letter ‘Q’ in a crossword. Jigsaw puzzles provide a fun way to spend time with family. Other online puzzles have the whole office trying to figure it out. 

For a few people, the average puzzle is not enough. Instead, they prefer to take bits of valuable information belonging to others, and piece together an identity to steal. They will use technology to scan for data and go dumpster diving for documents and computer hard drives. One way to protect your company and personal information is by utilizing professional information destruction services

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Maintaining Confidentiality Requires Hiring Professional Shredding Services

Do you feel confident that the paper is destroyed when you shred documents? Some industries require properly destroyed documents, by law. Other industries realize the importance of their reputation. No matter what the reason is, companies across the country are taking steps to ensure any client or customer information stays out of criminals’ hands. They use office paper shredders to get the job done, and they work—sort of. Yet, not all enterprises realize that data stored on old hard drives are a wealth of information to hackers. If you want to know your business records, hard drives, x-ray films, and other products are destroyed when they are no longer required, it’s time to hire professional shredding services

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Tips to Prevent Children’s Identity Theft

Take Precautions Now to Save Your Child’s Future

When identity theft is often brought up, many imagine an adult. The sad reality is that the theft of a child’s identity is on the rise. The worst part is that the child may not find out until they reach the age of 18 years old and attempt to obtain a credit card or loan. By that time, much damage could have been done, leaving your children to pick up the pieces at a time they should be enjoying adulthood. We understand the importance of shredding documents, hardware destruction, and effective records management. We don’t always consider how to teach our young ones to protect their greatest asset—their identity. 

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4 Benefits of Including Product Destruction in Your Business Operations

Solidify Your Bottom Line and Protect Your Brand

Today’s society wants open and transparent companies that protect the environment and create quality products. To maintain a solid business foundation, companies must constantly make decisions. Sometimes, the options are relatively routine. There are times when a firmer tactic must be used, especially when dealing with products. When you have thieves willing to take your discarded items and sell them, you run the risk of liability issues and brand tarnishing. All it takes is for some faulty products or poor service to be reported on social media and a company’s reputation starts to look bad. Including a robust product destruction process in your operations makes good business sense.

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Select A Local Shredding Company in Orange County, FL, for Outstanding Service  

Ease the Document Maintenance and Destruction Struggle 

It makes good business sense to manage your company’s records carefully. Not only should you have systems and training in place for your employees to handle all the documents, but the law may dictate how you destroy customer files. It is possible to utilize an office shredder to handle small amounts of paper, but it will not shred the documents in a manner that renders them unreadable. You also must develop a schedule to eliminate old documents, and the process will eat into your employees’ productivity. A better and more efficient option is to utilize the services of a local shredding company not only to destroy but also to store, index, and create digital images.

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