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It’s Back-to-School Season! Protect Your Child’s Identity

For any parent, back-to-school season is always a hectic time. From shopping for new clothes and school supplies, to completing a plethora of enrollment forms and applications, you may be juggling several tasks to get your child and family tuned in to a new school year. However, as parents of school-age children, be aware that this is also that time of year when your child’s identity is at maximum risk of theft. In the frenzy of filling out dozens of forms for sports teams, school programs or

Why is Shredding Important in the Education Sector

Whether you are a teacher, administrative staff member, student committee member, or a volunteer, if you are closely involved in the field of education, you are aware of the huge amounts of physical and digital data that are processed daily. From personal and financial, to medical and education assessment, every institution collects, creates and stores a host of sensitive information pertaining to their staff, faculty, students and their parents/ guardians. Given the confidential nature of this

Law Firms Need a Document Destruction Plan 

No matter how large or small your legal practice, your business is privy to an enormous amount of confidential information, including:  Personal details, such as bank accounts, mortgage information, medical records, and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII).Agreements related to marriage, death, estates and wills.Information on business strategies, mergers and acquisitions, patents, trade secrets, undisclosed IPOs or other sensitive business data. (more…)

In-House Shredding May Not Be Ideal for Your Business 

In House Paper Shredding Florida If the rampant occurrence of identity theft, data hacks, fraud and cybercrime is anything to go by, it is vital to manage your business information with the utmost care. This is true for the entire life cycle of the data, from the time you acquire it, till the time you discard it. While you may think that investing in a few high-end shredders is sufficient to destroy your confidential documents, it may not be as simple as it appears. More often than not, in-house paper shredding programs turn o

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