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Tips for Data and Information Security while on Vacation

Identity theft is a concern for most while going about daily living. Businesses protect clients’ valuable information. Individuals keep tabs on their credit cards and ID when at home. Vacation travel shouldn’t be any different. In fact, people should take more precautions when traveling. Identity thieves make use of every opportunity; they never take a holiday if it means they can make a quick buck at your expense. If you take work with you on the road, you carry a more significant liability of managing and protecting documents.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Document Scanning Services  

Take a look around your office and notice the piles of records sitting on desks. Some stacks may be smaller, while others are so huge, they can be used in place of cubicle walls! The continuing question for many businesses is—what to do with all that paper? Do you keep filling file cabinets with paper and thus take up precious storage space? Do you scan the documents and store them in the cloud? If you decide to scan, is it better to accomplish that monumental task in-house or outsource it? Outsourcing your document scanning services can be a significant benefit to your company’s overall operations.

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Why Product Destruction Should be an Important Part of Your Business  

Today’s consumer remembers their experience with your product or service—both good and bad. One bad review on social media can leave you clamoring to improve your image. Some companies make money by selling your production overruns, damaged and discontinued production, and obsolete inventory. They are not concerned with your branding or image; they want to make a fast buck on your hard work. Product destruction services protect your company by obliterating any unused, unneeded product or promotional material.

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Hurricane Season Starts June 1st

Hurricanes cause billions of dollars in damage each year as they rip across the area. Floridians know that the threat of one of these storms is great from June to November. Plywood and generators fly out of the big box stores each season while people hunker down to ride out the storm. On occasion, evacuation is necessary. One area that is often overlooked is that of protection for vital documents. Businesses have a much harder time resuming operations when they lose equipment and records. It’s possible to keep your crucial documents safe, especially during hurricane season, by taking a few precautions throughout the year. 

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How Law Firms Benefit from Off-Site Document Storage 

As a lawyer, you provide a valuable service that requires a mountain of paperwork. After determining the best options and developing a sound system for document management and retention, what do you do with the extra documents that need to be stored? A wise, safe, and cost-effective option is to utilize the services of a certified document management company that provides secure locations to house your extra documents. When it is time to destroy records, they can help with that, too.

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April 13th is Identity Theft Day

When someone applies for a loan, they expect to be approved. Unfortunately, some people find that their credit has been marred by someone other than themselves. A stranger managed to open credit cards, charge them up, and fail to pay them. This type of crime is called identity theft, and no one is immune from it. Thieves will root through garbage to find documents with personal identification information. They will use unwiped hard drives to piece together bits of data. These efforts, along with many online scams, are used to steal the identities of hardworking individuals. It is prolific enough that April 13th is known as Identity Theft Day. If you house personal information for clients, you will want to ensure that you have processes to protect them and save your reputation. A dependable and certified data management company is the first place to turn.

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Document Spring Cleaning Strategies for Your Business

Do you have dust collecting on the piles of paperwork surrounding your desk? It’s easy to make a neat stack thinking you will get things filed later. However, when months pass and nothing has moved, you will find your cluttered office hard to bear. Not to mention, you may have a security risk as well, since anyone can come in and take off with a confidential file. Spring cleaning isn’t just for homes. It’s a vital ritual your company should institute, especially if you house personal, legal, or medical records. Records management companies provide the best options for safely and securely housing e-records and paper documents. 

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Tax Season Is Here!

Proper Records Keeping Makes Filing Taxes a Breeze

Spring brings many things, including the dreaded ‘Tax Man.’ If you have a poor record keeping process, this time of year will bring you dread. It’s also possible that you are missing out on tax breaks because of a missing piece of paper. Worse, you could face an audit and fail it for lack of document support. The personification of this annual process has both companies and individuals scrambling to pull together all necessary data and paperwork for their accountants. The services of a records management company ensure you have all your data in a secure location with easy access all year round, making next tax season a breeze. 

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Document Destruction Facts 

Selecting the Right Destruction Company for Businesses in Melbourne, Florida 

How many documents are present where you are right now, that present security risks? Consider things like contact information, account numbers, billing statements, credit card receipts, document ownership, and much more. Getting rid of files, papers, books, ledgers, and other material that puts a company or individual at risk for security breaches makes sense. To do that, turn to a document destruction company.

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