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Don’t Forget to Destroy Your Damaged Hard Drives

Today’s technology allows people and businesses to accomplish much. Professional meetings can be held online. Doctors can speak with patients through video. Banking transactions happen online, too. With all the ways technology aids us, some people take full advantage of situations to ensure they make an easy payday. Cybercriminals will seek out data wherever they can find it, including rummaging through dumpsters. So, think twice before throwing out your old computers with intact hard drives! Instead, look to the services of a professional hard drive destruction company for your Florida business. They provide peace of mind and help you stay in compliance with your client’s data.

Take Proper Precautions When Eliminating Hard Drives

You spend a lot of time and energy ensuring that your records remain secure. You have strong passwords on company computers and the latest anti-virus software. Your employees have been trained to spot phishing emails. What else can you do? The answer is to look at the offline element and take the proper steps to ensure all hardware devices are correctly disposed of. Hiring a company that specializes in document and hard drive destruction is a great place to start. 

Here are some other helpful reminders:

  1. Keep in mind that data can be retrieved and used nefariously. What goes in the trash doesn’t necessarily stay in the trash. Dumpster diving is more than a pastime for some. Thieves are happy to turn your data trash into a treasure trove. They can retrieve data, even if you use data-erasing software on the drive.
  2. Using a hammer may make you feel better, but it doesn’t solve the problem. Unless you want to strike the hard drive until it is shattered into very tiny pieces, you are wasting your time. Save your shoulder by entrusting hard drive destruction services to professionals.
  3. Shredding companies save you more than time. They save you embarrassment from a data breach. Do you want to admit to your clients that their personal data was stolen from some old computers carelessly thrown in the dumpster? None of us do. Shredding companies help by:
    1. Coming to your location
    2. Utilizing state-of-the-art portable, industrial shredders
    3. Follow a strict chain of custody procedure
    4. Provide you with a certificate of destruction 

Crown Information Management Alleviates the Stress of Improperly Destroyed Hard Drives

Hard drives should never be thrown away as thieves can steal them, and they are bad for the environment. Look to Crown Information Management for meticulous and fail-safe hard drive destruction. We provide onsite services for your convenience and peace of mind. Besides eliminating old electronics, we also offer secure records management and storage. At Crown Information Management, we make the process easy for you. To learn more, please call us.

For help properly destroying your hard drives, put our team to work for you. Call Crown Information Management at 800-979-9545 or contact us online to learn more about our services.