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Stuck with Outdated Materials or Old Products?

Businesses often sit on large piles of inventory, materials, or products that are old, obsolete, damaged, or unusable. The situation may arise due to a number of reasons, such as 

  • Excess production unmatched by demand
  • Product recalls due to change in manufacturing standards or legal action 
  • A voluntary recall due to defects
  • A batch of expired stock
  • Rebranding efforts that have made earlier packaging, marketing props, promotional merchandise, and branded stationary or uniforms redundant

Are you hoarding old materials and goods without a plan for proper disposal? Is it simply because you are unsure of how to get rid of such items? The product destruction specialists at Crown Information Management discuss why a professional product destruction service is critical for protecting your brand and business reputation. 

Benefits of Secure Product Destruction by a Certified Company

Accumulating unwanted inventory or just dumping it insecurely in the garbage can have serious consequences for your business. For example, dumped products that end up in a landfill could fall in the hands of miscreants who could sell your company’s old or damaged items in the gray market, or impersonate your brand by using your packaging materials for other goods. Similarly, donating old branded workwear to the local thrift stores may seem like an attractive option to promote charitable causes. However, if the persons who acquire these items misrepresent themselves as your employees for financial gains or unlawful entry into restricted premises, it can put your corporate identity and reputation at risk.

A professional product destruction service will help in:

  • Getting rid of excess or obsolete stock that occupies valuable real estate in your offices or warehouses
  • Protecting your company’s brand, reputation and proprietary information 
  • Limiting your liability in case you need to provide proof of product destruction during future audits or lawsuits  
  • Remaining compliant on all the regulations applicable to your business, including physical security, risk management principles, and secure destruction operations.

Crown Information Management Destroys Your Unwanted Products, Safely

At Crown Information Management, we offer customized, industry-specific product destruction services for the safe disposal of all your redundant, defective, overstock, or warranty return items. We also provide destruction of counterfeit or confiscated products, as well as pharmaceuticals, and liquid separation. Our experienced and qualified technicians handle your products with the utmost discretion and provide you with a certificate of destruction at the end of the process. 

As a SOC1 Level 2 Report, NAID AAA and PCI Certified company, we follow the highest standards of secure product destruction. 

  • Our staff ensures prompt collection and safe transportation of the obsolete goods and materials to our state-of-the-art product shredding facility in Winter Haven, FL.
  • We use high-powered, commercial grade product shredders under sophisticated surveillance systems to ensure secure and irreversible destruction of items.
  • We use appropriate methods of disposal that are in line with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

Partner with Crown Information Management for secure product destruction services and protect your business brand and reputation from misrepresentation, lawsuits, and fraudulent activities. Speak to our experts at 800-979-9545 or write to us online to request a free quote.