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Consider a Product Destruction Service for your Business or Organization in Fort Myers

Any products or merchandise that carry your company’s branding, copyrights, or trademarks need proper handling throughout their lifecycle. This includes company stationery, uniforms, ID cards, old marketing materials, packaging and labels, product samples, and more. When such products are old, defective, obsolete, excess, or unusable, there is a good chance that you may discard them improperly and they end up in landfills, which can pose serious threats to the security of your business.  

The product destruction experts at Crown Information Management explain the risks associated with unsecure product disposal and offer practical tips for protecting your business or organization in Fort Myers.

Why is Product Destruction so Critical? 

Every business may need to get rid of certain products at some time. This could be due to a change in manufacturing standards, production excess, flaws, or recalls, expired products, rebranding, or other such aspects. Without proper destruction of sensitive products and materials, your business or organization could face several issues. For example:

  • Dumpster divers or miscreants could try to sell your flawed or outdated products in the grey market or use the branding material for selling duplicate products 
  • Competition could cleverly replicate your trademarked items and try to beat you at your own game
  • Wrongdoers can use your branded workwear or uniforms to misrepresent your company or get illegal entry into restricted premises. 

Besides maligning your brand and ruining your company’s reputation, such activities can: 

  • Outrage or fool your customers, leading to expensive lawsuits 
  • Lead to non-compliance with applicable regulations, attracting hefty fines or legal action

Moreover, allowing redundant products to pile up in your warehouses or storage units will clog up valuable real estate, which you can put to better use for relevant products or other business activities.

Why Consider a Professional Product Destruction Service? 

Secure disposal of products does not simply mean putting them into a product shredding machine. There are several other aspects to consider, including:

  • Secure transportation of such products from your location to the shredding facility
  • Feasibility of sending products of different sizes and materials to the same facility
  • Safe handling of products throughout the process
  • Compliance with industry-specific norms, EPA guidelines on disposal, and other applicable regulations

At Crown Information Management, we are a SOC1, NAID AAA and PCI Certified company, offering specialized product destruction services in several counties throughout Florida, including the Fort Myers area in Lee County. We provide a secure, closed loop product destruction process, from collection and transportation, to shredding and disposal of all the materials. Our state-of-the-art facility in Winter Haven, FL features the highest level of surveillance and security measures to ensure the safety of our client’s products. We accept obsolete, counterfeit, or confiscated materials, as well as pharmaceuticals and liquid separation. Our skilled technicians provide a Certificate of Destruction at the end of the process. 

For secure destruction of flawed, redundant, or overstocked products, count on the product destruction professionals at Crown Information Management. Call 800-979-9545 or contact us online to discuss the product destruction requirements for your Fort Myers business or organization.