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Secure Your Business with Storm Preparedness

Even as the world is dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to keep in mind that we cannot let our guard down against natural disasters. In Florida, we know that hurricane season is not too far away. Every year, come June, the sunshine state experiences heavy rain, strong gusts of wind, and storm surges that lead to devastation of life and property. With 40% of all U.S. hurricanes hitting Florida, it’s critical that businesses and individuals prepare to face the next storm season. 

Ensure Proper Protection for Your Documents

As a business owner or corporate leader in Florida, you know how important it is to also put in place measures to counter floods and fires after a storm. While minimizing disruptions to your operations is imperative, you may have to look at several initiatives to remain hurricane-ready:

  • Set up a formal disaster management plan
  • Digitize paper files (wherever possible)
  • Create systematic backups of applications and infrastructure that enable continuity of business
  • Organize safe storage of physical records 

At Crown Information Management, we have decades of experience in protecting paper documents from accidents, theft, natural disasters and other potential threats. Our information management experts offer tips and suggestions to help both small and large businesses stay ahead of the storm.

Secure Your Business Information in the Face of Natural Disasters

Depending on the intensity of the hurricane, Florida businesses may face a number of different obstacles. 

  • Prolonged power outages that could lead to system downtime and lack of internet connectivity
  • Severe storms that could make your offices or other physical infrastructure inaccessible 
  • Confusion and fear of business continuity and delivery among your employees and customers
  • Inadvertent data leakage as well as theft or hacks by criminals looking to strike gold during a crisis 

Here are some suggestions to protect your business in the face of hurricane season:

  • Create a formal records management framework and support it with a prioritization access matrix. This will allow relevant personnel to have timely access to physical and digital files. 
  • Move your paper files and folders to a safe, temperature-controlled, and fire and water-resistant storage facility. 
  • Look at hiring the services of professional information management specialists who can help in sorting, coding, indexing, storing and quick retrieval of your physical records.
  • Design a Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan that defines restoration of your electronic data and IT systems in the event of calamities, such as hurricanes. 
  • Put in place a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that provides systematic guidelines on human safety, facilities management, internal communication, records management, and other critical operational aspects, in case of exigencies.

Preserve and Manage your Physical Documents Today!

The experienced and qualified Records and Information Management (RIM) professionals at Crown Information Management specialize in secure storage and easy retrieval of paper records. Our massive warehouse in Winter Haven, FL features state-of-the-art storage along with sophisticated surveillance mechanisms. Move your files and folders to our facility before the hurricane season and partner with us for your records management requirements. As a SOC1, NAID AAA and PCI Certified company, we provide the highest levels of security, service and accountability along with customized plans that suit your business needs and budget. You can count on us for permanent record preservation and secure shredding services.

For efficient and cost-effective record management services, speak to the professionals at Crown Information Management. Call 800-979-9545 or contact us online to get a free estimate for your requirements.