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Scan on Demand: A Cost-Effective Way to Go Digital

Whether you are dealing with space challenges for storing your ever-increasing stacks of physical files and documents, or you are pursuing the goal of a paperless office, digitization of records could be the ideal solution for you. However, going completely digital can be a tedious, time consuming and extremely expensive process. The average cost to image a box of records is between $225 and $300, depending on the type of information it contains. If such expenses are prohibitive for your business, or you wish to spread out the expenses over an extended period, a scan on demand service is a cost-effective way to move to electronic records.

Insights from Your Trusted Information Management Specialists

At Crown Information Management, we believe that not all records need to be online, especially in light of the data breach threats and crippling data recovery costs. Our experts share how a scan on demand service can be advantageous for going digital with your business records.

Everything You Should Know about a Scan on Demand Service

Although going paperless is an excellent, environmentally friendly decision, most businesses need to maintain some physical records for risk management, legal, compliance, and governance purposes. Which means, whether or not you scan certain documents, you may have to retain them for a fixed duration or permanently in printed form as well. A scan on demand service gives you the flexibility to choose what you wish to scan along with a pay as you go approach. 

How does a Scan on Demand service work?

A professional records management and storage company such as ours will sort, index, and inventory all your documents and files through systematic and proven methods. We will box and store your physical records in our clean, secure, climate-controlled, and pest-free facility, and establish a chain of command based on your authorized users list.  If one of your authorized users requests a file and does not necessarily need it in a physical format, we can apply the scan on demand service to it. Essentially, our team of qualified and trained information management specialists will pull out the relevant documents, and scan and send them to you through a secure portal. While the physical record does not have to leave the premises, you create an electronic version of the same. Typically, we fulfill all requests within 24 hours of receipt. This includes: 

  • Authenticating the user request
  • Retrieving the physical record
  • Imaging the required papers
  • Maintaining optimum quality controls
  • Sharing the electronic copies with you securely 

We convert physical records to scanned images as per your exact sizing and technical specifications.

What are the key benefits of a Scan on Demand Service?

Storing business records on-site and expecting your employees to remove binder clips and staples to scan each document one by one is a waste of productive work hours. A scan on demand service: 

  • Eliminates the need for onsite storage and frees up valuable real estate
  • Allows your employees to focus on their core jobs
  • Saves you money as you do not need to purchase or maintain the imaging devices or acquire multiple licenses of the relevant scanning software. 
  • Gives you the peace of mind that your physical records are in a safe and secure location. 

As a SOC1, NAID AAA and PCI Certified company, we offer a comprehensive range of records management and storage solutions that can help you save time, money and resources on managing your business records. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art storage facility and robust security and access control protocols for the safe storage, easy retrieval, permanent preservation, and electronic conversion of your physical files and documents. Our team of qualified and experienced Records and Information Management (RIM) professionals can create customized records storage and scan on demand plans that meet your business requirements and budget.

For safe, cost-effective, and reliable records management and scan on demand services, count on the specialists at Crown Information Management. Call 800-979-9545 to learn more about our services or contact us online