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Plan Ahead for Fiscal End Purges

Whether the fiscal end of your business is round the corner or a few quarters away, periodic purges of office documents is a critical activity around that time of the year. Besides decluttering the workspaces and freeing up valuable storage space, an annual or quarterly purging can help: 

  • Safeguard your confidential data and information 
  • Eliminate the risk of old or outdated documents being misplaced, lost, or stolen
  • Remain compliant with the record retention and disposal regulations as applicable to your business

At Crown Information Management, we specialize in secure storage and safe destruction of physical as well as digital records. Our qualified and experienced information management professionals offer some suggestions on advanced purge planning for your business records. 

Top Tips to Plan your Office Purge Ahead of Time

Consider these aspects while planning your fiscal end purges:

  • Review the Retention Requirements:  Familiarize yourself with the state, federal, or other industry-specific records retention and destruction laws applicable to your business. If you have a formal document management policy, incorporate these requirements into the same. This will help your staff remain up-to-date with the compliance standards and prevent relevant or current papers from accidentally landing in the shredding pile.
  • Sort your Records: Once you review your purge requirements, you will know which records to preserve and which ones to dispose. Ensure that there is a clear sorting and separation process for the documents, based on a ‘retain’ or ‘shred’ approach.  
  • Select a Professional Shredding Company: Most professional shredding services offer both options. Hire a trusted, local company that: 
    • Follows strict security protocols during collection, pickup and transportation
    • Has superior surveillance mechanisms at the plant-based or mobile-shredding facility 
    • Is well-versed with the various legislations applicable to your industry
  • Schedule your Purge: Most shredding services will be booked several months in advance, especially for the peak purging seasons, such as the end of a fiscal year. Book your appointment in advance in order to get a date and time to suit your convenience.

At Crown Information Management, we are a SOC1, NAID AAA and PCI Certified company with in-depth knowledge and understanding of records preservation and destruction requirements across a wide range of industries. 

  • Our data destruction specialists stay abreast of all the changes in privacy protection laws, such as HIPAA, FACTA, FERPA, and FIPA, and provide affordable and meticulous on-site purging services. 
  • Our mobile shredding trucks feature advanced shredding machines that can safely destroy paper documents, hard drives, as well as other digital media. 
  • Besides on-site purges, we offer customized shredding programs, in keeping with your business requirements and budget. 
  • We provide locked containers for in-premise collection of ‘to-be-shred’ materials, and issue certificates of destruction at the end of each visit.

For routine on-site shredding, or an annual one-time purge, rely on the qualified and experienced team at Crown Information Management. Call 800-979-9545 to book an appointment for your fiscal end purge or contact us online