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Managing Records is like Taming a Huge Paper Monster

Professional Records Management Services Can Make the Job Easier

Did you know the average office worker generates about 10,000 sheets of paper per year? While technological advances and cloud-based storage solutions may have reduced the dependence on paper records, achieving a 100% paperless office is still an ideology and not a reality. No matter how small or large your company, and how sophisticated your systems and technology, you may still have to preserve and manage heaps and tons of physical files and documents on an ongoing basis. 

Without a systematic process for sorting, filing, storing, and tracking these records, you may find yourself dealing with a monster that gives you records management nightmares. Unorganized records would mean chaos, confusion and delays in identifying or retrieving critical documents for business transactions, audit queries, or even legal proceedings. This could translate into revenue loss, brand recession, customer attrition, compliance issues, and several other workplace inefficiencies.

At Crown Information Management, we understand the issues associated with preserving physical files and documents, and have helped several clients tame their paper monsters. Read on to know how your business could benefit from hiring records management professionals like us.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Records Management Service 

The efficiency of your records management practices directly impacts your company’s risk management, corporate governance and compliance-related outcomes. Partnering with a SOC1, NAID AAA and PCI Certified company, such as Crown Information Management will help you invest your time, money, space and resources in your core business activities. 

Here are some of the benefits of leaving your records management activities in the hands of our qualified and experienced information management specialists.

  • Systematic Storage:We manage the entire lifecycle of data or information. From the time it is generated, till the time it is redundant or disposable, we help you sort, index, and store records to make them easily accessible and retrievable. We can also assist you in: 
  • Enjoy Easy and Efficient Retrieval: You no longer have to spend time, money, or resources in searching for documents through jam-packed cabinets or storage rooms. Our robust tracking mechanism allows our teams to quickly identify the records you need and send them to you in a timely and cost-effective manner.  
  • Remain Compliant: Our experts are well-versed with HIPAA, FACTA, FERPA, FIPA, Gramm Leach Bliley Act, and other records management laws and regulations. Whether it is an industry specific norm or a federal or state law, we help you remain compliant with the document storage or disposal requirements applicable to your business. 
  • Prevent Theft and Leakage: We preserve your records in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with excellent records management amenities. This includes a clean, rodent-free, temperature-controlled environment, water and fire proof storage, robust electronic surveillance systems, and sophisticated methods for stacking and accessing the records. Using our service can help you: 
    • Prevent theft and data leaks, and keep your paper files and documents safe
    • Save thousands of dollars that you would otherwise spend on safeguarding your physical records 
    • Free up precious real estate that you could use for expanding your business
    • Ensure safe and permanent destruction of records through our secure shredding facility
  • Boost Productivity: Imagine the number of man-hours that you can save when your staff does not have to spend time on recordkeeping activities. Not only can you reallocate that time for more productive tasks, but your employees will also enjoy a seamless, hassle-free experience when they need to access any archived files or documents.

Our records management services operate like an extension of your company. We use proven methods and provide affordable solutions to protect your institutional memory and enhance your organizational efficiencies. 

Call 800-979-9545 or contact us online to learn more about our wide range of records management and destruction services.