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Maintaining Confidentiality Requires Hiring Professional Shredding Services

Do you feel confident that the paper is destroyed when you shred documents? Some industries require properly destroyed documents, by law. Other industries realize the importance of their reputation. No matter what the reason is, companies across the country are taking steps to ensure any client or customer information stays out of criminals’ hands. They use office paper shredders to get the job done, and they work—sort of. Yet, not all enterprises realize that data stored on old hard drives are a wealth of information to hackers. If you want to know your business records, hard drives, x-ray films, and other products are destroyed when they are no longer required, it’s time to hire professional shredding services

When Professional Shredding Services Matter

Most of the time, people envision paper when they think of the term ‘shredding.’ In today’s marketplace, you have much more at stake than some obscure documents being stolen from the dumpster. Thieves want anything they can get their hands on, and importantly, items that hold data. A professional shredding service understands what you face and offers assistance in these four areas:

  1. Document Destruction: Professional shredders arrive at your location and shred all your paper documents onsite. They have industrial shredding machines that make reassembling a document impossible. They will also provide you with a certificate of destruction upon completion.
  2. Hard Drive Destruction: We have electronics everywhere, which hold mountains of data. State and federal laws require that this information be protected. This requirement doesn’t end when you throw out an old computer. Shredding your hard drives is the most effective way to ensure no one can recover the information. 
  3. Media Destruction: SD and microSD cards also hold the information you wouldn’t want in the wrong hands. Other media that your professional shredder can destroy are thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, magnetic tape, and film. Additionally, these items contribute to electronic waste with many components that are toxic and not biodegradable. The professionals have systems to lessen the environmental impact, including recycling the raw materials.
  4. Product Destruction: You want to keep your products out of the grey market where commodities are distributed through illegal channels that the original manufacturer does not authorize. You need a process to protect your business from issues that can arise from grey market trading. The professionals can arrange for collection, transportation, secure destruction, and proper disposal for you. 

Choose Crown Information Management for Peace of Mind in Shredding Services

Protect your customers, vendors, business associates, and your company when you seek the services of Crown Information Management. We maintain high levels of security for all our services. We have the equipment and processes in place to ensure your products, documents, and more are completely destroyed and recycled. When you want peace of mind for your shredding, look to us.

For experienced help with shredding and destroying documents, hard drives, products, and more, put our team to work for you. Call Crown Information Management at 800-979-9545 or contact us online to learn more about our services.