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Identity Theft Protection While Job Hunting

Twelve Truths that may help you protect yourself or someone you know . . .
Layoffs and cutbacks are directly affecting many of us today.  Most of us know someone, if not ourselves, who are looking for employment.  Help protect yourself or a friend from identity theft when applying for a new position!  Below is a list of Twelve Truths that may help you protect yourself or someone you know from Identity Theft while shopping for a job:

Truth #1: If you’re going to post a resume online, post your resume “privately.”
Truth #2: Not everyone who has access to a resume database should.
Truth #3: Not every job offer you see is for a real job — some jobs are just scams.
Truth #4: The more general the email “job” offer, the less valid it usually is.
Truth #5: Even the most careful, conscientious sites cannot control your resume after someone
has downloaded it.
Truth #6: Unless you are applying to the Federal or State government, never put a Social Security
Number on your resume.
Truth #7: Using a disposable e-mail address and a PO Box can save you from many headaches.
Truth #8: Things to omit from your resumes if you post it online –
Your references, for sure. Your school name, possibly.
Truth #9: Some resume databases are better than others.
Truth #10: Delete does not always mean delete.
Truth #11: Keeping good records is crucial for online job searching – don’t forget any of the websites
where you post your resume.
Truth #12: Prevention is better than the cure!