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Data Breaches Can Happen Anywhere

Predictions for 2019 by Information Management Experts in Florida 

For many years, your primary information security concern was how to meticulously maintain the original, physical records, and protect them from being lost or stolen. However, today, paper records may be the safest way to protect your records! What presents fraudsters with an exponentially larger potential to amass valuable, sensitive information is your web presence and online activities. In fact, your digital footprint extends far beyond the information that you voluntarily share, post, or store for your personal, social, and professional needs. Imagine how much of your personal and confidential data sits with government authorities, health care providers, educational institutions, tax authorities, banks, credit bureaus, and several others. It is safe to assume that your information is only as secure as the online platform it rests on.

2018 saw more than its share of massive malware attacks, cybersecurity hacks, ATM frauds, card scams, and more. Today, a data breach can happen anywhere, anytime, in a never-seen-before form or scale. Read on to know what lies ahead in 2019 and the predicted weak spots that could compromise your confidential, personal or business information.

Top Five Data Breaches Predicted in 2019

Despite major security advancements, cybercriminals are in a relentless pursuit of loopholes and have become increasingly sophisticated in their hacking methods. Every vulnerability that they find can lead to exposure of highly sensitive data, impacting hundreds of thousands of users. 

  1. Biometric Systems Could Be Cracked: In the past, biometric features, such as fingerprints and facial recognition were used mainly in the context of government-issued documents, such as passports or travel permits. Nowadays, they are part of passwords and security features of several smart devices, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops, which hold large quantities of confidential information. If hackers focus on finding the weak spots in the highly secure biometric authentication methods, it can lead to potentially massive data breaches with severe repercussions.
  2. Skimming Will Go Digital in a Big Way: ATM skimming, where hidden devices can skim confidential account information or passcodes from the cards used at ATMs is a common attack technique in existence for several years. However, cybercriminals are now going digital with card skimming. They have already designed sophisticated malware that is injectable into the payment gateways of online sites to skim the personal and financial information of users. British Airways, Newegg and Ticketmaster are some of the companies that have experienced such data breaches in recent times.
  3. An Attack on a Major Wireless Carrier or Top Cloud Vendor: While smart phones have become an integral aspect of all personal, social or business activities, cloud computing systems are in high demand for every business that is going digital. The information that rests with the wireless carriers and cloud vendors makes their systems hot targets for hackers. Simply put, finding a single loophole will allow cybercriminals to access millions of records with highly sensitive information that can yield huge financial gains.
  4. Gaming: Hard core gamers will need to keep an eye out for hackers who pose as gamers to win trust, and subsequently gain access to their computers or personal devices. The presence of cryptocurrency, as well as gamers being particular about their anonymity, makes this area highly attractive for fraudsters looking to exploit personal information and make quick money.
  5. Breach via Connected Printers: Some recent incidents have indicated the possibility of hackers taking control of thousands of internet-connected printers or copiers remotely. Determined fraudsters are likely to use this route for malicious attacks or breaches that could have far-reaching impact.

Protect Your Physical Information through Secure Record Storage and Shredding

Ultimately, any data breach results in the loss of sensitive information. This can occur due to technical glitches, human errors, or planned attacks by cybercriminals. As an individual or business, you may have limited control over the online security features. However, when it comes to physical measures for protecting your privacy and confidentiality, rely on the tried-and-tested method of secure storage and shredding. 

For all your record storage and document destruction needs in and around central Florida, trust accompany who has a Service Organizational Report (SOC), NAID AAA, PRISM Privacy+ and PCI Certified company, such as Crown Information Management. Save time, space and money, but most importantly…reduce your risk with our secure records storage and document destruction services. 

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