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Why Product Destruction Should be an Important Part of Your Business  

Today’s consumer remembers their experience with your product or service—both good and bad. One bad review on social media can leave you clamoring to improve your image. Some companies make money by selling your production overruns, damaged and discontinued production, and obsolete inventory. They are not concerned with your branding or image; they want to make a fast buck on your hard work. Product destruction services protect your company by obliterating any unused, unneeded product or promotional material.

Protect Your Brand with Product Destruction Services in Melbourne, Florida

People will make money any way they can, even at someone else’s expense. While selling knock-offs and overruns may not be ‘illegal,’ this grey area can cause your company much consternation. Here are some reasons that utilizing professional product destruction benefits your business:

  • Protects Your Brand: Products thrown away indiscriminately can be picked up by others to be sold online by discount retailers, called the grey market. Customers who pick up your second-rate items from these sellers often realize the poor quality and associate it with your brand. What you intended to never get into the customer’s hands hasd now tainted your company’s image.
  • Limits Your Liability: Products under recall must be disposed of in a way that renders them completely unusable. Recalled items will wind up with a secondhand seller. Again, clients will associate the product with your brand, and you could be liable for any damages.
  • Keeps Proprietary Information Safe: Cyber thieves can swipe confidential business information from CDs, thumb drives, old computers, and phones. If this equipment has prototypes on them or company-related information, you could see your designs being produced by a competitor.
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance: If you work with hazardous materials or poisonous substances, you have to follow additional regulations from your state and the EPA. Bypassing the proper destruction process leaves you susceptible to legal actions and fines from the regulatory authorities. In short, it hits your bottom line.
  • Protects Confidential Company and Customer Information: Companies house personal, legal, and financial documents and data that must stay private. Hackers and cyber thieves will gladly take any improperly disposed of information for their nefarious purposes.

Invest in Professional Product Destruction with the Right Company

Find the best company for all your production and document destruction needs. They should:

  • Provide a chain of custody
  • Show up on time and fully equipped
  • Be fully qualified for the task at hand
  • Have the proper certifications and licenses

Choose a Preferred and Certified Product Destruction Company

Crown Information Management is your go-to resource for product destruction, document shredding, and hard drive disposal services. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your company’s needs and offer you quality solutions to ensure your brand remains safe. Contact us today.

For secure, pest-free storage and easy and timely destruction of products and records, count on a SOC1 Level 2 Report,NAID AAA, and PCI Certified company. Call Crown Information Management at 800-979-9545 or contact us online to learn more about our document storage and shredding services.