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What Happens to My Documents after Paper Shredding?

Have you ever wondered how a cowboy hat is made? When you look at a piano, do you consider how it’s built to produce a gorgeous tone when you strike the keys? If you are super curious, you may have found yourself binge watching episodes of How It’s Made on a weekend afternoon. Here is another question for inquiring minds, if your CEO asks you what happens to the confidential documents that are shredded weekly, would you know the answer? 

Document Destruction Can Be Good News for the Environment 

Professional paper shredding in Fort Myers, Florida, might be one of the most eco-friendly things your company does. Not only are your documents destroyed beyond recognition, but they are also recycled. The team at Crown Information Management knows that destroying confidential information is vital to protecting private data. We also know that protecting the environment is critical to us all. That’s why when you choose us you get a partner invested in protecting the earth through recycling.

Basic Process of Recycling after Your Papers Are Shredded

Now that you know your shredded paper will be recycled, you may ask, “Recycled into what?” Here is the basic process that used paper goes through to transform into new products:

  1. Shredded paper heads to the recycling plant. First, the paper is trucked to a recycling plant that separates it by type and grade. Next, a machine compresses it into bails for easier transportation to a paper mill.
  2. The bails arrive at a paper mill. Here is where the real magic happens. Once the bails are offloaded, they are placed into a giant vat, called a pulper, and water is added. The mixture is heated to break the paper down into its fibers.
  3. The pulp is screened. Now it’s time to remove non-paper items like staples, paper clips, rubber bands, and tape. The pulp is further separated into large and small fibers.
  4. The pulp is cleaned. The mill cannot use the pulp until all inks and residues are removed using a two-step process. It includes rinsing the pulp with water to remove ink and then using air bubbles and detergent to remove larger particles and sticky materials.
  5. The pulp is refined. This process develops the fiber’s properties. It includes repeated compression that de-laminates the fiber cell wall. This makes the fibers more flexible. Any dies are removed at this point.
  6. The pulp is made into new paper. At this point, the pulp can be processed into new paper as is, or fresh wood fibers may be added to give strength and a smooth finish. It is sprayed with water and sent through press rollers to squeeze out more water before it is dried and wound into huge rolls.

Hire a Trusted Paper Shredding Company in Fort Myers, FL – Crown Information Management

Give back to the environment and keep your confidential documents out of the dumpster diver’s hands when you choose to use onsite paper shredding at your Fort Myers location. We’ll gladly arrive, remove, and shred all those pieces that need handling quickly and efficiently. Give us a call, and let’s set up your service today!

Do your part for the environment. Contact us to learn more about our complete suite of services, including paper shredding in Fort Myers, FL. Call 800-979-9545 or contact us online