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Travel, Identity Theft, and Bluetooth Technology

Thieves are using unsecured wireless networks to infiltrate smartphones . . .

Imagine this:  You’ve been invited to deliver a speech, to the United States Treasury Department, on Identity Theft.  The Conference will be held at Disney World, so you take your family along to enjoy the resort and parks.  When you return home you find you have become a victim of identity theft.  Likely, the thief used a smartphone to snap a picture of you purchasing an item, when you pulled out your credit card and ID for verification.

Thieves are also, now using unsecured wireless networks and infiltrating smartphones through Bluetooth technology.  Experts say it is best to have updated virus software, and to encrypt sensitive data and never type passwords or credit card number over an unsecured wireless network.  They also recommend that you keep your phone’s Bluetooth turned off unless you are actively using it and monitoring it, to prevent unauthorized access to the phone.

Info provided by Sarrelson Law