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Tax Season Is Here!

Proper Records Keeping Makes Filing Taxes a Breeze

Spring brings many things, including the dreaded ‘Tax Man.’ If you have a poor record keeping process, this time of year will bring you dread. It’s also possible that you are missing out on tax breaks because of a missing piece of paper. Worse, you could face an audit and fail it for lack of document support. The personification of this annual process has both companies and individuals scrambling to pull together all necessary data and paperwork for their accountants. The services of a records management company ensure you have all your data in a secure location with easy access all year round, making next tax season a breeze. 

How You Can Keep Document Safe throughout the Year

Tax season comes at the same time each year. Yet, you may still struggle to find the necessary supporting documentation for proper reporting. It seems like the one piece of paper you need eludes you. Instead of scrambling like last season, utilize these four suggestions to keep tax records safe and easily accessible:

  1. Scan Sensitive Tax Documents: For the easiest access, grab your previous years’ tax papers and scan them for further transfer into secure cloud storage. You will have access at your fingertips and not have to wade through a mountain of papers on your desk or in the back storage room.
  2. Store Tax Papers Off-Site: You should avoid using a storage locker down at the nearest storage rental location. Instead, work with a records management company. They specialize in taking your documents and storing them in a secure place but still give you convenient access to any document you may need.
  3. Shred Tax Documents: When it is time to purge your records, don’t give in to the tedious process of tearing a few sheets of paper at a time to ‘destroy’ them. Give your confidential records the respect they deserve with document destruction services from a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certified company. They can place locked shred boxes around your office and pick them up at a predetermined time. The records will be destroyed efficiently and safely.
  4. Physically Destroy Hard Drives: You may think deleted and erased data is gone from your device, but it isn’t. The only sure way to eradicate the information is through a secure and certified hard drive destruction service. 

Crown Information Management Supports You All Year, Even in Tax Season

Get help with the storage and destruction of your tax-related records from Crown Information Management. We strive to provide our customers with the best solutions for their individual needs. Look to us for document destruction, records management and storage, and establishing a records retention plan. At Crown Information Management, we make the process easy for you, so you can go into tax season fully confident that you will have the documentation you need, fast. Call us today to learn more!

For help properly storing and retrieving your confidential tax documents, put our team to work for you. Call Crown Information Management at 800-979-9545 or contact us online to learn more about our services.