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It’s a Sad Time for All of Us at Crown Shredding

Adam Johnson, our Operations Manager, passed away suddenly on April 22nd, 2011 . . .

Adam was a wonderful, warm person. He was soft spoken, shy and non-confrontational. If you ever had the pleasure of speaking with him, you would find his voice soothing and courteous. He was the creative mastermind behind our routing, and when it came to scheduling, he would do his level best to accommodate a client’s needs. Adam loved his work, and it showed.

From candy to Disney, Adam loved all things sweet! It was not unusual to find him with a coke and a Reese’s peanut butter cup nearby. His sense of humor was dry and usually included a movie line zinger! He always found it fun when you would respond in kind! He could talk about movies and video games for hours and when he did, his face would light up, like a kid at Christmas… or maybe I should have said Halloween, since that was his favorite time of the year. Adam used to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. He loved the trick or treating, the dressing up, the costumes, parades, music and fireworks. He especially loved seeing the families together. Adam had a special place in his heart for family. He enjoyed spending time with his parents and sister and spoke highly of his brother. He shared dreams of marrying his fiancé Aimee, and raising children some day. He was also part of the Crown Shredding Family. A family of individuals working together, looking out for each other and helping each other grow. A family who celebrates each other’s triumphs and supports each other during the hard times. A family who will now mourn together, and provide strength for each other during this very difficult time. A corporate family who will miss and honor the memory of Adam Johnson.

“When death touches our circle, it prompts memories of the life that was lived and how it intersected with our own.”
-Debbie Burgamy