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Protect Your Company by Disposing of Old Cell Phones Properly

Professional Destruction Services Keep You Safer

You may think paper shredding and hard drive destruction are the only things you should consider when getting rid of data. You may have some additional items you need destroyed. What about your company’s cell phones? Many companies provide smartphones to their teams to help them stay in contact, receive an email, and even have a video call. Cell phones house a plethora of information that can be used against your company if you don’t properly dispose of them through dedicated media destruction services

Why Cell Phone Shredding Makes Sense

It’s easy to overlook the wealth of information a smartphone holds. We use them daily for a myriad of tasks, which a thief would gladly steal for their nefarious purposes. Consider the risks you face by not taking this matter seriously:

  1. A gold mine of information. Phones hold emails, bank apps, and credit card apps. All this information can be used to steal your identity and make life quite frustrating. Transferring data to a new phone doesn’t eradicate the information on the old one.
  2. A threat to a company’s reputation. With all the information housed on the phone, a thief can cause damage to a company’s reputation. It can be harder to recover.
  3. Accounts can get taken over. Think of social media accounts, as well as other apps. If a phone falls into the wrong hands, they can take over accounts and wreak havoc on the owner.

The Cell Phone Destruction Process

It’s time to take cell phone destruction as seriously as document shredding. Before handing over your company’s smartphone to a qualified information destruction company, be sure to back up your data, sign out of any accounts, and unlink and remove your SIM card, and, finally, factory reset your phone. Then trust the professionals to do the following:

  • A secured receptacle is placed at your location where everyone can drop off their phones and hard drives.
  • The old equipment is placed into an industrial shredder where it is obliterated into unrecoverable pieces.
  • You receive a certificate of destruction with information including the time, date, location, and chain of custody of the equipment being destroyed.
  • The obliterated pieces are recycled according to EPA and state laws regarding hazardous waste.
  • You can breathe easier, knowing your information is safe. 

Choose Crown Information Management for Cell Phone Destruction Services

Leave nothing to chance with your company’s smartphones and other electronics. Choose the hard drive destruction services of Crown Information Management. Our well-trained, professional technicians will ensure your electronic devices are thoroughly destroyed and provide you with a certificate of destruction afterward. We understand the identity theft threat and work diligently to support our customers in their shredding requirements. Learn how we can help you when you contact us today.

For experienced help with shredding and destroying cell phones, documents, hard drives, products, and more, put our team to work for you. Call Crown Information Management at 800-979-9545 or contact us online to learn more about our services.