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Outsource Your Records Storage and Management

Whether it is active file management or record storage for the minimum applicable period, your storage units or filing rooms contain heaps of boxes and papers at any point. Even if you adopt best-in-class indexing and classification practices, your staff may spend several hours a year filing, storing, and retrieving required files or documents. Outsourcing your records storage and management needs to the professionals is an excellent solution for reallocating your resources and optimizing your operational budget. 

The qualified and experienced Records and Information Management (RIM) professionals at Crown Information Management offer some insights. 

Top Financial Advantages of Outsourcing Records Storage and Management 

People costs, physical infrastructure, and support services or administrative expenses are some of the key elements of your operating budget. Moving your records to a professional records management company can positively impact most of these parameters. 

  1. Repurpose Infrastructure: One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your records storage is freeing up valuable real estate. Instead of filling office storage rooms with filing cabinets, you can repurpose these spaces to add workstations or other relevant amenities for your employees and customers.
  2. Save on Equipment Costs: Eliminate the need to invest in a number of storage or recordkeeping tools and equipment. This includes filing cabinets, scanning or shredding devices and software, advanced access control measures, sophisticated surveillance measures, and equipment to lift or stack heavy boxes in your records storage facilities. In fact, most professionally managed records storage facilities have enhanced security mechanisms that may be tough to match during in-house records management.
  3. Reallocate Human Resources: Reallocate your manpower in core business roles and let your staff focus their productive man-hours on the primary responsibilities of their jobs. You can also eliminate the time and effort spent in the design and monitoring of records retention or disposal policies. This includes keeping up to date with the constantly evolving regulatory requirements and privacy protection laws. 
  4. Reduce Liabilities: Outsourcing records management will minimize workplace injuries that could potentially occur when your staff moves, lifts or stacks heavy files or boxes. Limiting such opportunities could help in reducing your employer’s liability insurance expenses. 
  5. Eliminate Lags and Losses: There are several risks and costs associated with in-house records management. Whether it is duplicate records, filing errors, shortage of space, unsecure locations, or non-compliance with applicable record preservation or destruction laws, you may have to pay a price for every misstep. Delays in document retrieval or loss, or theft of sensitive or confidential records could: 
  • Impede critical or time-sensitive business decisions 
  • Lead to failed audits
  • Attract hefty fines or expensive lawsuits
  • Lead to unhappy customers or stakeholders and impact your company’s brand image 

At Crown Information Management, our records management services operate like an extended arm of your company. From document identification, classification, and safe storage, to tracking, timely retrieval, and permanent preservation or secure destruction, we address every aspect of the record and information management lifecycle. Partner with our expert RIM professionals to protect your institutional memory, save time, money, and resources, optimize your operational budget, and boost your organizational productivity. 

For more information about our complete suite of services, speak to one of our sales representatives at 800-979-9545 or contact us online.