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On-Site Shredding Offers Peace of Mind, and More

The exponential rise in fraud and identity theft in recent years has compelled most businesses to continually evaluate the security protocols for both physical and digital records. It is about protecting the data and information throughout its lifecycle, from creation to disposal. While you may have implemented several measures to safely store your paper files and electronic data, you also need to ensure the robustness of your data destruction methods. Without a proper chain of custody, there can be leakages at any stage of the document shredding process, which in turn can have devastating effects on your business. 

At Crown Information Management, we offer a complete suite of information management services, including secure record storage, record management, and on-site and off-site shredding. Our data destruction experts shed some light on the benefits of on-site shredding.

Top 4 Advantages of On-Site Document Destruction 

Although some companies prefer it, in-house shredding has its own perils. From machine malfunctions, security lapses, and non-compliance with applicable laws, to hidden costs, human errors, and shredding dust-related health risks, there may be several obstacles. However, hiring the services of a professional shredding company that offers on-site mobile truck-based shredding has numerous advantages:

Heightened Security: Fitted with specialized shredding machines, the mobile truck sits on your site throughout the duration of the document destruction process. The documents move in secure bins from your offices to the truck on your premises, minimizing the number of people that come in contact with your confidential or sensitive business records. 

Greater Peace of Mind: Professional service providers give you the option to watch the entire shredding process. You no longer have to worry about who handles your documents, how secure is the transportation, or how long your papers sit in a shredding pile at an off-site facility. Moreover, with on-site shredding service, you get a certificate of destruction immediately. All these factors together contribute to more efficient processes and greater peace of mind.

Stronger Chain of Custody: Shortening the journey of your discarded files and folders is a definitive way of strengthening the chain of custody. It helps in minimizing any potential leakages at any stage, including before, during and after document destruction. The shredding crew 

  • provides locked bins for collection of the discarded files and folders,
  • carries them out to the mobile shredding truck on your premises,
  • oversees the actual document destruction process,
  • and, appropriately prepares and packs the shredded material to send it to a recycling facility. 

Improved Convenience: On-site shredding programs are quick and easy, helping you save time and money, while also freeing up valuable productive time for your employees. You can decide when and how often to schedule the shredding service. Most providers offer routine on-site plans as well as annual purges and one-time requests.

As a SOC1, NAID AAA and PCI Certified Company, Crown Information Management provides simple, affordable and meticulous on-site purges that are compliant with applicable regulations and other industry-specific norms. Our secure mobile shredding trucks feature advanced industrial machines that efficiently and permanently destroy paper documents, hard drives, and other digital media. We can customize the shredding programs and design competitive plans in keeping with your business requirements. Our data destruction experts place locked containers on your premises for secure collection of ‘to-be-shred’ materials, and also provide a certificate of destruction at the end of each visit.

For routine on-site shredding services or a one-time document destruction appointment, rely on the qualified and experienced team at Crown Information Management. Call 800-979-9545 or contact us online