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Love Is Protecting the Identity of People You Care For

Hire Professionals to Destroy and Shred Personal Documents

With the rampant misuse of today’s technology, it is easy to have your identity stolen. Cybercriminals mine social media sites, search through trash, and send out phishing messages. They are determined to gain as much information as possible and make others’ lives difficult. Protecting your own and your loved ones’ identity is vital to peace of mind and security. It is more than just a hassle when a stranger takes over and racks up credit card balances in your or your family members’ names. It can end up being a nightmare that will not end anytime soon! 

Using some simple and effective strategies, including professional document shredding, is critical to protecting the identity of your family and yourself. The professionals will also provide hard drive destruction, media destruction, and secure records storage.

6 Tips for Protecting Your Family from Identity Theft

Thwart identity theft and protect your family by using these six tips:

  1. Use secure passwords and multi-factor authentication. Gone are the days when you could use your cat’s name as a password. Instead, look for complex passwords that are challenging to crack. Additionally, utilize multi-factor authentication whenever possible. This may mean receiving a text or email with a code before your login is complete, but it is worth the extra layer of safety.
  2. Stay on top of your finances. Today’s technology lets you review your bank and credit card accounts daily. Regular review on a weekly or daily basis will help you catch discrepancies before they get out of hand. If someone does access your accounts and starts spending your hard-earned money, you can quickly close the cards down.
  3. Consider renting a PO box for your mail. This move will help keep your important mail from sitting in your mailbox all day and allowing a mail thief to steal from you. Anytime you go on a trip, put a stop order on your mail.
  4. Avoid storing essential documents in a purse or wallet. Place your Social Security card and unused credit cards in a fireproof lockbox at home. The last place they need to be is in your wallet. If your purse is stolen, you have given the thief the perfect opportunity to steal your identity.
  5. Limit what you share on social media. Identity thieves will troll anywhere they can, including social media sites. They look for personal identifying information, including where you live and if you are home. They are adept at taking advantage of you and your social posts.
  6. Shred your documents – don’t throw them into the trash. Possibly, the best place to find information about you is in your trash. Make sure you get rid of important documents by securely shredding them. Locate a professional shredding company that offers drop-off service. It’s affordable and safe.

Stop Identity Theft with Help from Professional Shredding Services

Identity theft is not a threat you should ignore. Stop it before it happens by utilizing secure passwords, limiting social media sharing, and taking your documents to Crown Information Management. Our well-trained staff are ready to destroy your documents and media in a secure manner that leaves nothing for identity thieves to steal. Talk to us today for all your shredding and records storage needs.

For experienced help with document destruction, records management, and document storage, call Crown Information Management. You can reach us at 800-979-9545 or contact us online to learn more about our services. Put our team to work for you. We are a SOC1 Level 2 Report,NAID AAA, and PCI Certified company.