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Keep Records Organized and Easily Accessible

It’s Not Just Efficient, It Can Also Save You from Being Penalized!

You know that remaining in compliance with HIPAA laws is of the utmost importance, so you do everything you can to keep your records organized and updated. However, if you have a busy medical practice or other public-facing business, you probably spend your day taking care of clients’ needs. It’s easy to get behind on current paperwork, let alone information from years past. It sounds like you need to partner with a records management and storage company such as Crown Information Management.

Here’s just one of a slew of recent law cases decided in favor of patients who didn’t receive their records promptly. 

Banner Health to Pay $200,000 Fine for Patient Record Cases

Phoenix-based Banner Health was fined $200,000 for failure to provide requested records on time. HIPAA requires healthcare providers to deliver records within 30 calendar days of receiving the request. (Current proposed changes would narrow that to 15 days!)

Here is a summary of the cases that led to the fine:

  • A patient requested her medical records in December 2017 but didn’t receive them until 15 months later in May 2018. 
  • A second complaint stated that electronic records requested in September 2019 were received five months later in February 2020.

If you operate a busy health care practice, the last thing you need is to waste valuable manpower tracking down records in the dusty file room or dark storage facility. The records management specialists at Crown Information Management can organize your physical records and store them in easy-access facilities. We can also deliver requested records electronically, using encryption to safeguard your patients’ private data.

Protect Your Business from Fines

Crown Information Management offers a multitude of records storage, management, and destruction services. Contact us today to set up a free consultation to spare yourself the burden of long-term records management. Our services comply with HIPAA regulations, and we take other compliance and regulatory responsibilities under consideration in our records management strategy.

We can take on the following tasks for your business:

Crown Information Management holds certifications in NAID AAA, SOC1, and PCI standards. When you need an experienced leader in the field of records storage and management, call us first. We use proven methods to secure your physical archives and can help you digitize your important documents. 

Don’t subject your business to fines for non-compliance with HIPAA laws. Safeguard your healthcare facility or organization’s reputation and profitability by calling Crown Information Management at 800-979-9545. You can also contact us online to get a quote.