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Hurricane Season Is Approaching – Are Your Records Safe?

Protect Crucial Documents with Professional Records Storage and Management 

Today’s storms and hurricanes are nothing like those of years gone by. It seems that with each passing year, they get stronger and more intense. When they hit the Florida shores, they wreak havoc on homeowners and businesses alike. Houses and buildings suffer incredible wind damage. The gale forces and flooding leave destruction in their path. Preparation before the event is crucial. Remember that part of preparing for a natural disaster is to secure your vital documents. A reliable records management company will not only be able to shred and recycle outdated documents, but they can securely store them as well. You can ride out the next storm knowing your business records are secure.

6 Vital Documents to Protect Before Hurricane Season Starts

Get ready for this year’s hurricane season by storing these vital documents with a secure records management company:

  1. Business formation documents. They are the records created at the time the company was formed. They are crucial when trying to sell or dissolve a business. They often have raised seals that are government-issued originals. They include Articles of Incorporation, LLC operating agreements, partnership agreements, corporate minutes, business plans, company by-laws, and mortgages and leases.
  2. Licenses and permits. Most businesses need a license or permit to open their doors. With it, you may avoid trouble. Gather your local business operating license, zoning and land use permits, building permits, fire department permits, health permits, environmental licenses and permits, and any industry-specific permits. You will want to protect these before, during, and after storms.
  3. Tax returns and supporting documentation. No one expects to get audited during a natural disaster, but it doesn’t mean one will not happen sometime after the event. What would you do if you lost all that critical information? Protect your company by pulling together tax returns, employee tax forms, receipts for deductible expenses, depreciation records, and canceled checks or receipts for tax payments.
  4. Stockholder agreements and stock certificates. Your shareholders are vital participants in the success of your company. They, too, have rights, protections, and responsibilities as spelled out in their agreements. It is wise to have copies of the agreements tucked away, along with proof of stock certificates.
  5. Employee records. These documents contain sensitive personal information, including Social Security Numbers, identifying documents, performance reviews, and job descriptions. You will need access after a storm and must be protected from unauthorized use. Off-site storage is an excellent solution.
  6. Customer contracts. If you have customer contracts, you realize that they need protection. It will help you resume business after a natural disaster. Remember to gather sales contracts, service agreements, legal agreements, and client files.

Ride Out the Storm with Peace of Mind – Choose Record Storage by the Pros

Know that your business records are safe even when the storm hits your office. Crown Information Management has a well-trained and dependable team that understands records retention and protection requirements. Our safe and secure facility is ready to house your vital documents, especially during storms. When you need it, we can also handle all your shredding requirements. Look to us for all your document storage and destruction needs.

For experienced help with records management and document storage to ensure your records are kept safe in a storm, call Crown Information Management. You can reach us at 800-979-9545 or contact us online to learn more about our services. We are a SOC1 Level 2 Report, NAID AAA, and PCI Certified company. Put our team to work for you.