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Reducing Risk For The Life Cycle of Your Information

Crown Information Management is a Florida based, locally owned and operated, secure information management service and proud member of The Better Business Bureau. Our goals are simple; to operate our services with the security and privacy our clients expect and to give you accurate assurances, on keeping our services, at the forefront of best practices.

!!Employment1Interested in joining our team?

At Crown Information Management we believe “if we take care of our employees, our employees will take care of the company.” We know that our employees are one of our greatest assets, and we’re always on the lookout, for Awesome, Crown Team Members! If you are looking, for a great place to work, are a high energy person, who gets the job done, and done well, then send us a note, or a copy of your resume. We might be a perfect match!

Here at Crown Information Management, we realize life isn’t just about work. You have additional things going on—family, friends, personal interests, education and more. That’s why we think you’ll agree that we have a great company culture.

Your input is important!

At Crown Information Management, we listen to our team members!  We come together as a team and compare notes! We talk about what is, and isn’t working! Crown recognizes everyone’s contributions and ideas, to help solve small issues, so they don’t become big ones!

Fun? Yep! We have it!

Our team members are not just rewarded with competitive pay. We like you to know, we value your service, on any given day! For Example: Service Technicians may find a masseuse at their monthly meetings along with pizza or sandwiches.  Sometimes we take our meetings out, to a nice restaurant, and relax while we discuss how to make things better! When team leaders have been working exceptionally hard, to reach goals, they may find themselves, at a luxury spa, for a day! (We’re talking Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria… luxury!) Do you like Deep Sea Fishing? You might want to be on our team, since a day out at sea, “reeling em’ in”, is one of the rewards, for a job well done!

Maybe you like to shop, or know someone who does! Our incentive programs are great! In house auctions, bonuses, and gift cards are all part of a job well done!

Holidays…We love them! Every year we have a great holiday party, which includes family. We’ve had parties at the T-Rex Restaurant and Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Grill, at Disney Springs. We’ve attended Dinner theatres and had wonderful, home-style bar-b que, with all the fixins’.

Did I mention you get paid not to work! We want you to enjoy time with your family, so we have seven paid holidays! All you have to do is work with us for 90 days and you’re in!

Vacations are a lot like holidays, once you’ve been with us for a year, your eligible for a free week!  If you stay for two years or more you get two weeks.

We want you to grow old with us! Seriously!  Most of our folks have been around for years! Some for a decade! Folks who join our team, don’t mind hard work, and commit to our mission, find themselves staying around and enjoying the long term benefits! We offer a 401K program with a company match, to help you with retirement, when and if, that day finally comes!