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Cyber Security Awareness Month – Stay Safe Online

Helpful Steps to Thwart Cyber Criminals 

October is not only the unofficial start of the holiday season with Halloween. It is also a month set aside as Cyber Security Awareness Month. Cybercrime continues to increase yearly, leaving many feeling helpless in securing their company or personal online presence. It only takes one innocent-looking email to let a cybercriminal into your database to wreak havoc. Take back control and make it harder for thieves to steal your business information through some simple steps. Don’t forget to establish a plan for adequately destroying your paper records and computer hard drives through a reputable shredding company. The only tricks being played this year should be on those trying to steal your enterprise’s information! 

5 Tips to Stay Safer Online

Lowering your risk factors online is easier than you may have thought. You can start with these simple suggestions:

  1. Keep your computers updated. Manufacturers stay vigilant and fix bugs, loopholes, and security issues regularly. If you notice your office computers are giving you a message to update your software, get the update done right away. 
  2. Make passwords stronger. Passwords cause some frustration. You know you need to make it difficult, but the problem is that it can be too hard to remember. Avoid using personally identifying words, names, or dates. Remember, if you make it easy to remember, a criminal will find it easily, too.
  3. Make use of multi-factor authentication. A multi-factor authentication is a tool that requires two pieces of identification to log into a site. By taking a few minutes on each of your accounts, you can save years of headaches from a data breach. 
  4. Don’t give in to phishing emails. Sneaky emails are waiting for you or your team members to give up personal information. Don’t give in and avoid clicking links. If it looks slightly off or suspicious, it probably is. Let your IT personnel know what is going on and follow their direction. 
  5. Establish a regular shredding schedule with a certified shredding company. It might seem odd to add hard copy protection to your online activities. Yet, much information can be pulled from irresponsibly throwing your records or computer equipment in the trash. Remember the adage: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” It couldn’t be a more valid statement in the world of cyber theft. 

Crown Information Management Supports You All Year

Stop illegal cyber activity in its tracks. Take the necessary steps to protect your online and offline activities. Crown Information Management provides the services you need for proper document storage and destruction. We can shred records, hard drives, and x-rays. We also offer secure records management and storage so that you can rest easier. At Crown Information Management, we make the process simple. No tricks! Only treats when you call us today!