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Clearing the Clutter: Decluttering Your Office with Shredding Services

Partner with Professional Shredders to Tidy Your Office

Clutter does more than make it difficult to concentrate on your work. It is a beast that swallows your productivity. It increases your anxiety and makes you want to throw in the towel. That may seem drastic but consider your tough days when your to-do list is longer than your arm and you can’t find the reports you need for the upcoming meeting. Sure, you could print more off, but why waste additional paper and ink unnecessarily when you could easily find it on a tidy desk? What about all the paper stacks holding your desk to the floor in your office? The mountains threaten to swallow you up, adding to your frustration. Sounds like a recipe for professional disaster!

The opposite picture is so much better. A clean, decluttered desk paves the way to professional Nirvana for many. A decluttered office will increase your productivity, give you peace of mind, and make you the envy of your office peers, especially when you tackle the mountains of records lining the walls. Engaging a professional shredding company’s document destruction services is the secret weapon. 

5 Suggestions to Tidy Your Office and Increase Your Productivity

Are you ready to clean up your act and benefit from a decluttered office? Start with these five suggestions to be well on your way to your heaven on earth:

  1. Start with a clean slate. Sometimes, you don’t know what you have until you put it all in the open. Remove everything from your desk, including the drawers, and place them into neat piles. Wipe off your desk and computer. Now, you have a clean slate to return items you plan to keep.
  2. Sort through the piles. Resist the urge to put everything back that you pulled out. Instead, assess each item. Do you need ten yellow highlighters? How about the 20 sticky note pads? Now, you can make three piles: keep, store, and throw away. Only keep what you need for your daily and weekly tasks. Put everything else in their respective spots.
  3. Utilize drawer dividers and file folders. Before throwing things back into the drawers haphazardly, grab some drawer dividers and use them to organize small items. Hanging file folders are helpful for binders, manuals, and reference materials. 
  4. Shred outdated, no longer needed documents. One of your piles may include records that need to be shredded. You have a couple of options to rid you of your paper mountains. You can arrange for a professional shredding company to make a pickup, or you can utilize their drop-off service. In both cases, they will completely shred your papers and hand you a certificate of destruction. It’s a simple task that saves you time and money.
  5. Put items back. Replace those items you plan to keep in their new, cleaner home. As you do so, consider your workflow and aim to keep the things you use regularly at hand. The goal is to have a home for everything.

Create a Relaxing Office with Help from Document Destruction Pros

Declutter your office and make it a place you enjoy coming to when you use the shredding services from Crown Information Management. Our dedicated team will arrive at your site, take all your records, and quickly shred them. We have quality equipment that makes quick work of the mountains of paper your office is swimming in. Are you ready to gain control of your desk again? Give us a call today!

For experienced help with media destruction, records management, and document storage, call Crown Information Management. You can reach us at 800-979-9545 or contact us online to learn more about our services. Put our team to work for you. We are a SOC1 Level 2 Report,NAID AAA, and PCI Certified company.