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5 Ways to Enhance Your Business Information Security

What was once a pipe dream has become a reality thanks to COVID-19. For many, working from home was the perfect solution. No tiring commute or annoying cubicle neighbor to disrupt the work day. Stay in pajama bottoms and a button-up shirt with a tie for video meetings. Companies were not prepared for the onslaught of at-home workers. While they could send their employees to the safety of their homes with a company-issued laptop, it didn’t guarantee the organization’s safety. Instead, cybercriminals made a considerable profit in ransomware attacks and phishing schemes.

Inching closer to the proverbial light at the end of the COVID tunnel, we are much wiser and know now that it is vital to have all business-owned computers and phones protected beyond simply having anti-virus software. We have had to rethink our business information security and adjust our policies. Storing confidential documents off-site, with limited access is not just a smart move, it is essential to safeguard company records.

5 Suggestions to Keep Cyber Thugs Away from Your Company’s Data 

In today’s marketplace, your reputation is paramount. Even a single security breach can be devastating to your standing with your clients. Here are five suggestions to enhance your current business information system:

  1. Support Your IT and Cyber Security Staff: Being in the IT department can be challenging. Your team may feel as though they are considered valuable when something breaks, and they fix it. However, you don’t want them to fix a cyber breach if it can be avoided. It is helpful if they have a sufficient budget, and that senior staff listens to their requests to build robust security to avoid breaches.
  2. Analyze the Effectiveness of Your Current System: You may want to start with obtaining certification from the International Organization for Standardization or, at a minimum, conduct a risk assessment using ISO 27001 guidelines. It will help you understand the threats you face and the solutions you may need to implement.
  3. Conduct Regular Training: One of the easiest access points cybercriminals have is through employees’ use of computers. Often, there is not a clear understanding of how scams and phishing emails work. It can be beneficial to institute a training module included in new employee onboarding programs, and also delivered annually across the whole company.
  4. Invest in an Excellent Network Infrastructure: Your company should have an infrastructure capable of providing the security options you need for sensitive data. This step allows your team to collaborate securely, whether in the office or at home. 
  5. Choose a Records Management Company for Offsite Storage and Document Destruction: For those documents that you must keep for specific periods, you want to be sure that they are safe. A qualified and experienced information management company can maintain those files and securely destroy any that are no longer required.

Rely on Crown Information Management for Your Business Information Needs

Gain peace of mind that your records are safe when you rely on Crown Information Management. Our team works with you to ensure your documents are properly stored and easily accessed by only those authorized to do so. In addition, we offer other services, including destruction and shredding services. Let us partner with you to keep your clients’ and your company’s private information safe.

For secure, pest-free storage and easy and timely retrieval of your business records, count on a SOC1 Level 2 Report,NAID AAA, and PCI Certified company. Call Crown Information Management at 800-979-9545 or contact us online to learn more about our records storage and management services.