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Records Storage FAQs

What is the most common box sizes you store?

The two most common box sizes used in record storage are boxes that are 1.2 cubic feet (1.2’s) and boxes that are 2.4 cubic feet (2.4’s).

Can we use the boxes we have?

If your records are already in boxes that’s fine. We recommend that you use double walled boxes. You can purchase boxes through Crown Information Management, or use your own. If your boxes are crushed or badly damaged you can replace them or we can replace them for you, once they arrive at our facility. (See pictures of damaged boxes) Boxes that are damaged can be dangerous in two ways. First, if the wall of a box fails, it can drop the box or boxes that it is supporting, causing an avalanche effect. This could fall on someone and seriously hurt them. The second problem is if the walls fail and more than one box spills content, we now have to go through the process, of sorting the material. This process may call for your company to send over a designated employee to help sort and identify the material.

How are the boxes stored?

The boxes are stored on racks specifically designed to support the heavy weight and to allow air to flow freely through the storage area. As a security measure boxes are coming led and move throughout the system based on all customer retrievals and replacements.

Can we pick up our boxes from the facility rather than have them delivered?

Yes! You may always pick up your boxes or files from our facility. Please schedule your pickup time with our Record Storage Coordinator. You may reach her at: amy@crowninformationmanagement.com.

What is the cutoff time to order a box to be received the next day?

In order to receive a box by 5 p.m. the next day, you would need to place your order by 3 p.m. the day before.

What type of Identification is required to pick up our boxes?

When sending someone from your office to retrieve a box that person would have to be on the pre-approval list that your company fills out when they first sign up for service. They will also need an official I.D such as a Driver’s License or a Passport.

How do we request a pick up or order more boxes?

Requesting a pick up or delivery or ordering more boxes is made simple through our secure online portal. Due to compliance requirements, for chain of custody, phone calls cannot be accepted for requests.

How do we request a box or file in an emergency situation?

Emergency situations come up! If you have an emergency or an after-hours request, please email Amy Brocco at Amy@CrownInformationManagement or Jay Burns at JayBurns@CrownInformationManagement.com.

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